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Why are my seedlings failing this time? They did fine in the past.



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Hello to you all.

I have had several successful crops with Nirvana's AK48, with rave reviews from my friends. But with my last two orders, I have been having trouble keeping my seedlings alive and thriving. This has not happened before so I can’t figure this out.

I just tried to grow 10 plants in my 4’ x 2’ x 7’ h grow tent using the same lights (2 Vivosun VS1000 LED), on 18/ off 6, 18" above 10 x 3” peat cups. the medium is Jiffy’s Seed Starting Mix (peat moss, coconut coir, and vermiculite).

My equipment and hands are always washed clean.

Most recently I tried to grow 5 AK48 and 5 Aurora Indica. All 10 sprouted. I planted them but only 2 AK48 and 3 AI came up, and all of them are weak. The water ph is ~ 7.

The tent is located in my laundry room as it has always been. I now have added a hygrometer which records the humidity at 48%. Could that be the sole cause of my problem? Again, this tent has always been in my laundry room and growing was successful in the past.

Please help! What could be wrong?

Thank you for any suggestions that you can offer.

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    • thats a bummer! ..how tall do they get b4 they mess up? could be to much light if your using both those lights for young plantz? others will chime in too with ideas,,,GL

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      • 4 one thing your PH is 2 high do u have a fan on them over water under water i use jiffy starter plugs soil ph 6.3~6.8 hydro 5.7~6.2 more info would help a lot ..... good luck

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        • They look over ferted. Water only and hope they survive. 

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          • I have not fertilized them yet. I believe that the only nutrients that have been available to the seedlings would come from the peat moss portion of the Jiffy Seed Starting Mix.

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          • Hey Gary, sorry to hear bout the sprouts. Couple things jumped out at me. One is the lights being 18” away from seedling 18” is pretty close in flower for most lights try backing it to 32-36” if the start stretching you can move it down. Second is the picture witch always help to see what’s going on the look like the are burning up not sure if it’s a light thing or soil. For the humidity I used the same pots your using I just put a ziplock bag over the pot with couple of holes in it will bring it up to the 80’s I do it every grow. I do like the pots because you can drop the whole thing in pot when you transplant and roots will grow through the pot. Hope this helps.

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            • Thanks, Hulk. I've taken your suggestion to raise the lights and cover them with ziplock bags.  I plan to start over with the seeds that I still have (5 x AK48 and 5 x Aurora Indica).

              I'll post the results.  Thanks again!

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              • No problemo Gary I have grown AI a couple of times but not the 48. I know Aurora is a very good strain strong grower. Looking forward to your post. 👍 

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              • Seedlings, as you know are delicate MF'ers. Hulkster with the lights to close could be a factor. Also peat is real acidic. I've seen 4.0 PH with peat. I'd test the medium for PH and EC. It's simple. Use distilled water to make a slurry and check it. Sumpin ain't right ! There is such a thing as "bad seed" . Crop King experience. They wouldn't even germinate! Laundry room ? Do you run a dryer in the laundry room. If you had good success in the past, you more than likely have changed your mojo in some way. You'll get back on track !! Peace

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