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That 70's Show

Nerdin out on weed history. Last sentence caught my eye  ... all I can say is "BOY DID WE !!!" PEACE     Several prominent reggae artists, most notably, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, promoted cannabis use through their lyrics and lifestyles. From Tosh’s “Legalize It,” to Marley singing, “Excuse me while I light my spliff,” cannabis was center stage. With a decided influence on countless bands around the world, like the Clash, the Police, and UB40, cannabis gained exposure to a wider and wider audience through reggae. And with growers in the 70s pioneering stealthy outdoor growing techniques, cannabis began to take hold in an even bigger way.

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    • Looks awesome, the knowledge that some of you older distinguished growers share is so valued and appreciated. We would not be here without the pioneers of weed, and it took a lot of guts back then as well. 

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      • Thanks Hulkster ! A district attorney in Cali once said back in the 70's " prosecuting a grower is like prosecuting the goose that laid the golden eggs!" The money that was made and was injected into the economy of the growing communities was staggering ! 

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        • If you can grow it and harvest it with chemicals how the fuck can it be illegal.

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