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Next Contest-The New Improved Version

I Think We All Learned From This Photo Contest... If There Is An Next Photo Contest, their should be a link to a simple different page for entering the photo's.... as others have mentioned,their needs to be some improvements...i think there was some confusion at first as to where photos was to be entered and may have posted photos in the regular feed, not sure what happened to them that wasnt entered right...  it could be more fun i believe, just keep it simple with one central place to enter photo's... other members will have more ideas im sure....

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    • another idea...if a new page for photo's is made,  i think it should be made so folks cant comment on photo's...when comments are made then it makes the pics go further and further down the line so ya have to scroll and scroll back down feed line to see them...if pics stayed put on a separate place it would go smoother IMO

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      • You remember the last time we asked for improvements to the WP we got this. Better the devil you know sometimes

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      • Like Pipes said, the majority of WP members that are regs, know who the big dogs are, and their experience as growers !!! WTBS... I think that the pics should remain anonymous so it would be a real, fair contest !! If a grower has a real cool pic they need to keep it to themselves until the contest. Peace

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        • Just go back to giving a pack randomly every month...contests just cause problems...

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          • @Cakes, No but I do have some cool ones ! 

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