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pH 5.8-6.2

So here is a plant that shows a preference for a pH over 6.1. After a little dive into cause and effect of pH on nutrients. I discovered that the reason most have this vien thing is we are under the impression that in general cannabis like a similar pH. 

This is a plant that shows it likes it more on the 6.2 side of things. I usually try to keep it a little under that 5.8 - 6.0 or depending on the stage sometimes a litter higher. Changing it to closer to 6.2 made a huge difference for this girl. 

In the picture you can see after 1 day of the pH adjustment the fade is disappearing.  

Still a normal thing but wow, with adjustment of the pH made a huge difference in one day. 

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    • I am going to guess this is hydro of some sort? I keep my PH at 6.0 or higher in coco coir & water. Be careful though, too high and you could end up with a Phosphorus Deficiency and you dont want that in flower

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