Plant leaf issue

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    • those look like re-veg leaves. but without looking at the whole plant anything leaf related is difficult to diagnose.

      You get scabby looking leaves from time to time without reason, usually near the bottom of the plant. it's when the whole plant takes on issues that you need to concern yourself. so without seeing what's going on with all the leaves  it's hard to tell. 

      but my experience tells me these leaves are the ones that start up when it wants to re-veg or has already started. GL

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      • Mark has some good points fosho. It also could be nute related as in a little hot. When plants are over fed they start showing signs on their edges and tips when they try to push to excess out. The leaf on the left is pretty dark too. If you overhead feed you could have spilled a litte on this leaf too. 

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        • Agree on needing more info. Where on plant were they taken. Is the whole plant showing signs? Weird only 3 fan leaves usually it’s the bottom few original leaves. Could be a genetic thing. Is plant from seed is it an auto. Is plant in veg. 

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