Worm alert! If you grow outdoors and see this there is likely a worm eating your bud.

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    • lost a whole plant to them this year

      spent last night with a uv light digging the rest out of rest of the plants. they only had a few,  one plant didn't have any at all the skunk appears to be resistant to them  or as someone said Higher brix perhaps?


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      • Idk. It may just be coincidence. I've watched those moths and they fly about 15 to 20 ft at a time then land on a high top. Usually the tallest point but it looks random as far as which plant. BT is the spray to use but I'm not using anything if I can help it. 

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        Focal length: 4300/1000mm
        Aperture: f/2.4
        Exposure time: 1/125s
        ISO: 50