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Hey Smiley. I think one of my last threads was a Miracle-Gro only thread just for fun to show that you don't need expensive nutes to grow a happy and healthy MJ plant. I'm pretty sure this is the forum where I was posting that. Anyway, I grow exclusively outdoors. My last grow a couple of summers ago got raided and was a total loss. I got paranoid, scrubbed my digital tracks and stopped all activity. But I'm back.

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Thanks. I'm itching to get growing but I grow outdoors exclusively and everything is coated in snow and ice where I am. Hopefully I'll have some experiences/pictures to share in the coming months.

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Just saying hello. I was a member of WeedPortal sometime ago but stepped away for a few years.

I also want to share that I ordered some seeds from Nirvana back on Feb 11 and just received them in the mail today (Eastern US). The last time I ordered seeds from Nirvana was during all of the covid madness and it took quite awhile and several attempts for them to get my seeds to me. Nirvana came through in the end and the shipping issues weren't anything they could control. I'm happy to say that it seems all of those issues are behind. Less than 2 weeks from ordering to seeds in hand is acceptable to me.

Take care all.


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