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Hey people , I have used general hydroponics Flora Trio Since I began this magnificent hobby. I've had some great crops and some not so great crops of coarse. I have tried Advancd Nutes, and Canna Coco nutes, but I have always come back to the trio. ( With Cal Mag ) . Well , after some research and more research i

I'm gonna try Dyna Grow , Folaige Grow and Bloom on this grow.    Has anyone used these nutes ? And , do I still need Cal Mag ? Any tips ?


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    • I like GH too and i might go back to them next run. They're the gold standard of nutes in my opinion. I've also used Canna and Advanced Nutrients.

      I wouldnt hesitate using a new line. Give it a shot!  I would think you would need to add calmag but im not sure. read up. see what it says

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      • I have always used fox farm nutes you have to be careful as you are using several types at once on them.as many as 7-8 in veggitive cycle.falls off as they get mature 

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