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Back cross


can you breed pollen from a male to a sister from the same seed batch?

is this what they call a back cross?

is this a thing that can be done? with positive results?

reason I ask, knowing you folk have covered it before(probably) and these are pretty basic questions, is I am thinking of crossing the duban back on  itself if I get a female ( surely, there be one right?) and I have no idea if that would be a good thing yet. It's starting to shape into something worthwhile. I think it's the sexy leaves.

anyway a few lowers with seeds would be pretty cool, even better if they came out too😁


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    • What's not to love?

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      • As I understand it a BX is made from crossing a parent and its child. My most recent attempt the first round of crosses came out pretty good, the 2nd attempt crossing male and female from the same mother was not great but I have read that is typical.  For most of us home breeders I dont think its worth the effort but I will try again just for fun. 

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        • Ok here it is an 'official ' more or less, explanation of how this shit goes down.



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