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Seedling stopped growing

So I started a new grow, the previous turned out to be a boy.

This seed germinated after 4 days and I put it in a plug. It then grew as expected for a few days but have shown no progress for the last two days

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      • Do you guys think everyting is ok?

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        • trust us when we tell ya..lotta times with lil seedlings they sometimes look like they stopped growing but are really just making roots and then one day they will take off like a rocket..so dont kill it with love tryna water it or feed it nutes to get it to go..lil baby like this dont need any nutes anywayz, but dont flood it...have you pulled the root plug out to look see if theres any white roots poppin outta the plug there? if so it be bout time to put it in large container..GL man!

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          • Thanks a lot for your reply, I am really worried and this helps a lot! I have also started to germinate a new seed just in case. I will not give up then! 


            No roots underneath, yet, I check 2-3 times a day, lol. I water it a few drops at a time, no nutes because there are some in the plug. 

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