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Kush Smell in Veg

Has anyone noticed that Kush strains have a distinct smell in veg? I was schwazzing a Rainbow Kush and a  Mandurian Cookie and I noticed the difference I dont know how to describe a smell but its  nothing like chicken maybe the Kush is more pungent, I dont know but it is strong. and looking back I see most of my Kush grows have that note. 

If you like to clone, Schwazzing is the way to go, I was worried I wouldnt have enough cuttings for small SOG. That was a wasted effort, kind of like worrying if an Auto flower will have enough leaves, lol. 

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  • I've noticed that some strains really smell in veg...never really paid any attention to what strains it was.

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    • I had a face full of this morning and I noticed the difference

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