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Outside Grower Question

I havent harvested the Garlic Breath I have outside because I would like it to fatten up a bit but the temps for the next week float between 70 - 45 and the days are getting shorter fast. Will they fatten up in those temps? So far I have lost very little of this one to bud rot and its not supposed to rain. Garlic Breath is known to have small but really tight buds. I want to cross it with fatty some day, its a nice smoke.

Next question, about how long will it take a plant to go to seed and produce "viable" seeds and will the frost kill them on the plant?  



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    • You might want to harvest colas as they meet your maturity levels. Yes, the buds will still fatten up regardless of temps. Lower temps mean slower growth but still growth ! Once a plant starts to flower, seed production usually takes between 5-6 weeks depending on the strain. When you say " go to seed," are you adding pollen yourself ? GL

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      • I have to wait, I will post some pictures but to harvest this now is cradle robbing

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      • Thanks I am keeping an eye on it, I don’t think this one will go Amber but I don’t know and 
        i want it to pollinate itself 

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