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I have well water that has salt added to it for in the house, but its well water at the pump where it comes in from the ground. the stuff I drink is spring water in the bottle and Walmart 5 gallon refill  think it's r/o water . which should I use or not use for DWC?

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    • When did you have the water tested last? I think Cullagan will test water for free i hopes of selling you a system. I sent them some samples from my house in Mexico and they threw up the white flag and said cant help you. LOL

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      • Sounds like your new to Hydro so if I may suggest, post your plans for growing from the bottom up, lights, nutrients, controlling water temps or no, using PH perfect nutrients, bacteria, air pump and a couple other dozen things. 

        Lots of great hydro growers on here and most will tell you DWC is a great way to grow but it can be fragile when you start out so you need to find and keep the balance that works for you. Remember its not natural for weed to grow in water with no solid media to hold the roots but when you get it dialed in its an awesome way to grow and never dirty.

        I came to the WP years ago because I had started a DWC grow and it got ugly overnight. The users told me what I had done wrong and helped me in more ways than I can say. After being on here for a years and all the great advise I have gotten, the best thing I learned on here is how to find https://www.growweedeasy.com/ .

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        The only natural ability for growing in water is hard headedness and I love to experiment. 

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        • Collect rain water if you can ! Test the well water too. It usually has a high alkalinity and 200 or more PPM's of ca/mg

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