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ppfd charts

newer site and not too many tests done yet but this site seems to do a fairly good job with their ppfd testing. bookmark it if you're looking at lights now or in the future once more tests are done.  ppfdcharts.com – The best grow light PPFD charts on the web.

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    • thank u for the share i do like the HLG lights ....

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      • i think they're in the process of testing other brands too .

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        • That gives a great visual of how the lights project out and with the HLG Scorpion Diablo, you can clearly see how the PPFD from the 3 modules crosses over to cover a larger area. I always thought 3 smaller lights would give better coverage than one large cluster of LED's. Later I would like to do a comparison between this sites PPFD maps and the manufacturers.  

          It looks like the Migro Aray 4 Pro would be perfect for a 2 x 4 tent,  I've never heard of them though. Has anyone else heard of them

          What I dont get about the PPFD maps is none of those HLG lights put out PPFD in the 600-1000 PPFD range to cover much more than a 3 X 3 canopy without cooking the middle of the canopy, but I have seen  pictures of some really awesome grows under HLG lights. How does that work?  

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          • the charts i looked at are showing hotspots or uneven coverage at lower heights with the 650r and diablo scorpion . with lights raised higher the ppfd is more evenly diffused, it seems 28" to 32" is the sweet spot for the 648 boards it looks like.

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            • I agree, and who would lower their light to 6" above the canopy and why would they? Seems like to much light is worst than too little so I set the light to make sure that isnt a problem first and then check the outer edges. I think lights with bars is the future of LED's so that is what I am looking at.  

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              • either/or , anyways , light spread out/diffused evenly and as efficiently as possible is our goal i believe. whether it's bar lighting or spread out like the scorpion it is definitely the route to go over the quantum boards i believe. quality of diodes and spectrum is very important too.

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