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Since I can’t “visit “ my outside grow too much what do you recommend for feeding the girls? How much and when. Want to maximize whatever I need to do. Learning I probably don’t feed mine like I should but with outside ( gorilla) grow little more challenging. If you get my drift.

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    • some quality compost and i add these i used blood meal 2 but it brings things u don't want ....

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      • Think I have some bone meal and will run go get some potash. How much and how often? I’ve used the fish emulsion with pulverized egg shells and Epsom salt before but my plants don’t EVER come close to comparing to the beautiful plants I’m seeing on here and I know it has to be my lack of nutrients. Just hard in my area to visit often. Appreciate all the advice I can get. So you can teach old dogs new tricks.

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        • i am old as dirt and still l learn i know jumping in feet first can b a lot fun but not now   the potash will help the roots i use it when starting new plants bone meal for flowering i just use a small amount around each plant take a look at organic garden how 2 build your soil .....  2 cent   undecided

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        • Thanks!

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