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thanks . my lights are so bright its hard to get a good pic.lol buds are getting to big and trying to lay over .i have 30 plant yoyo's just on the one plant

    • good morning.and thanks for all the comments 

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      • I agree with Chubby, you got it going but I would trim some of those leaves off maybe you can make a rope and weave your self a net for next time. Your a natural SCROGer working without a net. LOL. 

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        • lol funny cpw. the funny thing is that i have 2 scrog nets for the tent.but i didnt know how much faster and taller the plants in coco would go beside the dirt grown gsc. this is my first try with coco.

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          • I know I commented on this pic before, but "holy cow" SD ! Don't change a thing !!! How long have you been growin ?

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            • roughly 25 years off and on depending on where i was living.

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