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Sorry Mark, but I'm very skeptical on this plant being a "reveg auto "! Could you fill in the blanks on what the prior growth was, and your methodology on growin this plant was ? The fact that it's flowering now has me doubting the "auto" secenario, due to the photoperiod now being 12/12, conducive to flowering of photoperiod plants. Seeds do get mixed up! I will say this, if it is an "auto" you might have stumbled onto to the next big advancement on growin "autos!" Very interesting !!!! 

    • so last year i had an auto NL I think, took three branches and rooted them. they were looking good and I mess up on the timing or nutes.

      the  three were turning brown and were somewhat in flower and I thought dying, so I put it outside in dec or jan when it was cold and rainy. I sort of just decided to let it grow if it wanted. And in march or so i cleaned up the dead stuff on it and brushed it up and gave it a little veg nutes. and it started the whole process of re-veging and here we are an extra few months on.

      i really think the roots have a culture of their own going on that have helped it along the way

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      • i mentioned a while ago that IMO if it was an auto that it prolly was a fluke in genetics with more of the photo period with  LESS of the Ruderalis Genetics....letting it reveg....just my opinion....not sure where u live, but around here in Dec and Jan its winter and ya have to shovel snow to be able to set out a plant and it would freeze...lol

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        • Yeah ChAs I was kinda thinking the same thing . Mark I appreciate your response. That senario is really crazy !! Did the "mother" plant get put OD or the 3 clones ? Did the "mother" plant ever flower like a  normal "auto?" ? Where do you live Florida ? Regardless of what the original plant was, the reveg is doin great !! It's definitely a head scratcher !! You might wanna take a clone off the healthy reveg, root it, and grow it vegetatively for a few weeks under 18/6 and see if she flowers. I'll say one thing, with "autos" you never know what will happen !! Thanks for posting ...Peace  






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          • I believe... been watching it for a long time...I suggest a before and after photos...

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