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The look good, and they have great reviews, I think Pipeman uses the SK402 or 403 and has for a while and he has great grows.

Pipeman reminds me of a guy I knew that built and sold sites for bow & arrows, he would put on shows and prove with it he could 6 out of 6 arrows in a beer can at some distance I dont remember but it was impressive. What most folks didnt know is that guy do that with or without the site.

So I am thinking Pipeman could have pretty good grows under a flash light. lol

  • Pipes is a study in grow operations, and a perfectionist too ! He's always pushin the envelope, and it shows. He's also a good dude. I remember when I first joined WP a few years ago, I made a comment about him in jest, that he didn't appreciate. He let me know about it, and we've been good friends ever since !

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    • Growing is a science, Pipeman proves it can be made into an art form. 


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