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It's very intriguing! Unusual taste for cannabis. There are so many interesting strains I want to try, and so little room to grow. I'm starting to understand why people who have been growing several tents for a long time or even completely have rooms) 

    • Ripper seeds has one called Kmintz man, it’s got kush mints in it, plus he says it’s minty and he doesn’t charge an arm & leg for it.

      what all places can you get seeds from Izigrow, I’m not sure who will ship to where your at right now.

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      • Nirvana! Nirvana sent me a letter) Alice asked if my mail worked and sent me a letter of support). Got it much faster than before the war. Although he did appeal to many and most refused to expel. The fact is that with the beginning of the war in Ukraine, transfers and any card transactions abroad are blocked. I can not pay for the order or transfer money to a card or bank account not in Ukraine. This is just the main obstacle to get seeds. 

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