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Maybe they have kids going to collage now or worse maybe one of them graduated with a degree in Business and convinced them this was a good idea.

I had a business in  another country and I get doing business with multiple currency's and cultures isnt easy but the way they have gone about it was just plain bad form and their silence isnt helping.  

    • The trend,at least in the United States,seems to be to legalize and regulate cannabis for these 2 reasons: 1. To not give users criminal records. 2. To collect excise tax revenue.

      But it's a gray area if a seed company can use a US chartered bank. I assume Nirvana worked out all that before they opened a division in California.

      As more jurisdictions legalize and regulate cannabis, (assuming they will be allowed to bank),as more people consume it,doesn't that exert downward pressure on the prices of seeds?

      Check the prices for seeds in the Park and Burpee seed catalogs. Check the prices for seeds from smaller companies that deal in heirloom seeds.

      I suspect cannabis seeds will be cheaper in a few years than they are now. 

      Nirvana can price 4 seeds for US customers,but a US customer can buy a 5 pack from Seedsman (for example) at the Amsterdam price--unless Nirvana chooses to not sell seeds to Seedsman.

      The single,personal use, Nirvana White Widow I'm growing now is coming along nicely. I hope it's as good,or better, than the AK 48.



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      • You can buy seeds from top breeders in Europe and in the US from within the US and I dont think anyone with any influence on legalization gives a damn about users criminal records, quite the opposite really

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