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This is my go to seedbank these days, top shelf breeders at decent prices and all shipped from the US. The Ghost Train Haze from Rare Dankness really interests me




    • yeah Rare Dankness has a lot of cool lookin strains...i havnt tried anything of theres yet, but have seen them in several seed banks over the years....several id like to try out too...

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      • They have a couple that interest me, Chocolate Hashberry , Moonshine Haze and Karma Bitch, just because I love the name of that one, and they sell regs. .  

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      • Rare Dankness has a strain called Ghost Train Haze. I bought some 10 years ago and used it for breeding. I made a cross with Blue Dream and called it Blue Ghost. Airplane told me he read somewhere that there is over 30 Ghost Train Haze cultivars. I don't doubt it !!

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