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My buddy that's a grower at a Illinois grow facility said they use all in house clones for their production rooms.  Once they clone from a mother she's tossed. They don't keep mothers around. He said something about genetic drift, is why they only clone once from each mother. Hmmmm ? I don't necessarily agree with this, but to each their own !!!

    • I'm confused....

      I've always thought the genetic drift came from cloning a clone of a clone, and so on.

      Seems like a waste to me, personally. I've kept a Mother for over a year. Lotta clones, lotta "free" weed.

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      • Its all a front they like to use, the real reason there not keeping mother plants around is because of competition.  There's only so many licences to go around an if you don't sell your shit you will not have the cash to re apply next year. basically if you keep throwing out the same weed your stuff will eventually end up  just sitting on the shelf collecting dust.


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