Comment to 'Distance'
Comment to Distance
  • Less wattage draw doesn't make it a weak light. You will be surprised how easy it is to burn them with the 700w setup lol. Are you using the photon app for android and apple? It is free and it is pretty close(not on the money but better than what you have to work with. I really can't help ya in this avenue due to the difference in my light diodes verses yours. I think Hulk has one like yours maybe he can help. 

    700watts is a strong led🥵

    This will be a learning curve for ya to dial in the light. 

    Enjoy your new baby. I moved the led driver(ballast) to the outside of my tent. This is where most of your heat comes from. I also put a fan blowing on it to keep it cool. 

    My light fills my 4x4 with less than an inch on each side. No problems here lol

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