Comment to 'time to pick'
Comment to time to pick
  • You have to ask Goldie Locks man. LOL. 

    To Me.

    More clear means a racy kind of buzz, its tough for me to focus and sit still. For me this is equal to a Tequila & beer buzz and there could be trouble if over served. I do like the flavor at this point though

    Very little clear and mostly milky trichomes is generally a nice mellow buzz, you may think jumping off the roof into the pool is a fun idea but you wont act on it, usually. This is like a nice 80-90 proof bourbon buzz, not a  Wild Turkey 101 or Knob Creek kind kind of buzz, that's an unpredictable buzz like Mescal or Jagermeister and beer buzz. Dont.

    The more amber you see the more couch lock you get, this is like a 2nd shot of a smooth moonshine buzz because your going down like it or not, but you wont feel bad tomorrow.


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    • I have a couple of plants outside I harvested and left some bud on it and I wouldnt smoke it, even the inside of the bud is brown 

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