Comment to 'MASTER KUSH'
Comment to MASTER KUSH
  • Hey Chubb's. I've grown both master and Spartan kush but I've only gotten some good males from Spartan. I have 4 going right now hoping for just 1 female.

    In all honesty, misty kush was wayyyy better than master kush!  

    The other thing with Spartan kush if you can find it it only comes regular.

    Another excellent kush was Rossie kush. Also comes in only regs but if your looking for a next level kush and if you can find it  (limited edition) Rossie kush baby! The male partner in this strain was also a Spartan kush.

    If you can't them and wanna try, I gotta few for ya.

    Good luck hommie ✊✊✊

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