Comment to 'MASTER KUSH'
Comment to MASTER KUSH
  • I agree with Rick, I dont think you can go wrong with a Kush, if your looking for couch lock I would suggest one that is more indica as opposed to one that is 50/50. Master Kush and Hindu Kush are both relaxing, if you can find a Kush strain with some blueberry in the lineage its a great smell. The Rainbow Kush, Blueberry & Dancehall parents, I just finished is a great smoke, and kind of makes me wonder why I grow anything but Kush strains. It had foxtails the size of my little finger and the buds look like dreadlocks lol. I dont think they like heat.

    I have grown the Spartan cross and it was top shelf. I have a couple of Unknown Kush regs from Delicious Seeds that are growing nicely and they come with a Pipeman recommendation, cant beat that.  Dive in the you wont regret it.

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