Comment to 'healing benefits of weed'
  • Welcome to the portal Shaine if your new, I really can’t agree with you more. I’m Irish with a temper…..hence portal name Hulk I grew up with an abusive alcoholic father who now blames me for my sisters coke habit because I sexually abused her when she was 4 and I was 10 so my sister says. My father never had the time for me because he spent the last 25 years in AA not drinking but taking prescribed drugs given him by VA AA is a crock of shit just a sad room of drunks and druggies who can’t take ownership for there fuck-ups. Sorry I didn’t mean to make this a session but hi my name is hulk and I smoke weed…..because if I didn’t I would be sitting in a cell for murder. My point to this is maybe the weed doesn’t directly take pain away from an injury physical or emotional but if you mentally think it does then it will physically. 

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