Comment to 'Do Watts Matter?'
Comment to Do Watts Matter?
  • @Rick, Yes it will cover a 4 X 4 area but the PPFD is not enough to make good buds. Actually it looks like it would be ok for a 2 X 4 table. I was wondering how you got that light in a 2 X 4 tent. So much of LED's are magic from what I know, lol

    My understanding of LED's is you need 600-1000 PPFD to get what the buds need, and my first grow showed that to be true, hopefully the light mover is going to boost that with the SF 2000

    If any of you LED guru's can show me I FOS, I truly do want to know

    Spider Farmer SF 4000 PPFD MAP

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    • I have asked that question to SF, HGL and Gativa with no response from any of them. 

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