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What Is ‘Skunk Weed’ and Where Did It Originate?


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    • The collective was led by David Watson, better known as Sam "The Skunkman.". By crossing Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold with a short, fast-flowering, and resilient Afghani landrace, Sam and the team at Sacred Seeds managed to create one of the most quintessential cannabis strains to date. 

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      • Skunk is the first hybrid marijuana harboring Sativa and Indica genetics (75% and 25%, respectively). Originally, it was created with pure strains of Indica Afghan (25%) and Columbian Gold (50%), but later it was crossed with Acapulco Gold (25%). 

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        • I think" Skunk" weed had many so called origins. Here's one I know about, I  was there !!!! I've told this story before on WP. I lived in the 70’s when Skunk was first introduced to the great growers of the mid west. I know Cali has it’s own story but my story is real because I lived it, first hand…he is my story . when I started growin back in 1973, two buddies of mine, flew to from St. Louis Mo. to Kabul Afghanistan in the winter of 1973. Funny thing is, all U.S.travel has since been prohibited to this area, starting in the next year 1974, and is still prohibited to this day. When they arrived in Kabul they asked some of the locals where they could buy some marijuana seeds. They were taken to the foothills of the Northern Kush Mountain range, outside of Kabul, where the soil was very fertile, and you could see weed, as far as the eye could see. To make a long story short, they bought about 2 oz, of biggest, striated (striped) seeds, you have ever seen, the farmers called it Kush. Fast forward to the spring of 1974 back in the Illinois farm lands, we made a deal with our buddies, to grow out the Kush seeds, and we would split the profits 50/50. What a year that was !!! We grew about 25 lbs of the Kush, and everyone was VERY happy ! That fall and winter we smoked A LOT of the Kush…he,he,he WE also, because of the skunky smell, started to call it Skunk. It had the most pungent, lingering smell, that was IMPOSSIBLE to hide. You could smell a small group of plants from over 200 yards away !! Here comes the bad part of this story. Four of our buddies that were now aware of the “Skunk” decided they would buy some cheap land down in Arkansa and “go for it,” They all four got busted because (can you guess) the smell was so strong that conservation agents that patrolled the area, put two and two together. It was really sad because these guys were not only friends, but good honest, stand-up dudes. After that fiasco, we had the strain for many years, till around 1995, and now it’s gone. We took it for granted and got burned . I’ve read on the net, several years ago that breeders tried to breed out the smell because it was so strong .This is one of the stupidest things I ever heard of !!! I also heard recently of a strain called called “Arkansa Skunk,” that might be the offspring of our Skunk that was grown in Arkansa. We’ll see. Happy growin my friends. Again this is a “first hand” report ! I was there !

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          • great story but not where your fiends were busted !!!  thanks 4 the share chubby ..

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          • So in your opinion it is an Afghani Kush? What you guys got ahold of. Or a landrace from from Afghanistan. Back then you would think it was a landrace.

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            • I do remember your story just couldn't remember who it was that told the story.

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