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all done

Amazing what medicine has done in my lifetime. Surgery took an hour and pretty much just rest for 2 days good as new. still wouldn't wish this on even on the worst person.

Also would they please get it together though on asking the THC question. The question is asked in such a way that you don't want to answer,  like" do you use recreational drugs? " like hey what if its for medicinal purposes ( and  recreational) ? why do they have to ask it that way? i mean do you use recreation alcohol? WTF why not just ask do you use cannibis and then the usual how much question. They are still trying to figure this out after 10 years or what? recreational has a implication of other drugs and that is fucked up

Hire a bunch of stoners and educate these so called educated doctors/nurses!

side note; the nurse I had though was cool and totally agreed on this with me. She agreed more needed to be done about it, people lie then they have problems and that's no bueno

thanks for the support growmies

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    • Hello! Congratulations  with a successful operation! Relieved) 

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      • good that it is over and u r back 2 normal ....

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