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Water changes ect.

I see lots having probs. or getting tired of changing out buckets in dwc. I must say Sub. figured out that prob. with pure ingenuity. I'm on my 3rd grow with the same res. of nutrients in my ebb and flow system. Not bragging by no means, just saying all I do is replenish about a gal. of water every day in the res. The prob. with this system is the flood table has to be above the res. which limits overhead room. Most ways have of growing has an aggravating factor somewhere along the way. 

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    • I really like my DIY ebb & flow table its on a Harbor Freight cart with wheels so I lowered it so  I enough to a few inches above the 27 gallon tote I use for a res so I can lift the lid to peak inside. I added a site level to the tote and I can use it to check PH. Anyway its about 34 inches tall total and I have a SCROG net on top. That leaves me almost 5 feet for light and plant. An 18 inch tall bud on a SCROG happens never for me so far. 


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