So far so good start of week two

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    • i am surprised you havent got them under the leds. These babies look good but they are well past seedling stage. In another 5 to 8 days you are in late veg another 2 weeks she will let you know she is a lady. Just remember she has her own built in timmer and it is a ticking and it will not slow down. I was just remembering my first couple of grows and thinking are these little things ever going to get big... lol I would make a scrog basing the size of it on the existing plant and it was never big enough. Youll see lol.. The Nirvana Auto blueberry kush  my christmas tree. That mf took off (i did not downfall) It reached 4.5 feet and just had started to flower.. I had to remove it because I could not fit my lights ..carbon filter with the light at the right height in a 6 foot tent...That plant was a freak..

      The slowest part of the whole process seems to be waiting on those amber trichomes to me anyway...

      They look good. and I am not telling you what to after all this is your grow. If it were me I would slide those leds in there and be ready to slowly bring up the dimmer as she grows. In another two weeks she is going to need more light and you can use the two weeks to slowly bring up the dimmer. Low stress in that area and she will reward you with it. This grow (picture below) I watched my plant (cause of this new light ) I noticed that the plant would be drooping before the lights went out. So I backed off on the dimmer to where the leaves never drooped till the lights went out. (plant will droop when it is not uptaking fluids..intake causes water pressure to go up in the plant and boost the weight of the structure. I thought ok she droops when she has had enough light. So far so good. I just want to be able to regulate my lighting with out the meter. Just something to do.Just learning

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