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Light deprivation

I've seen a few here say it is hard to get an outside grow all the way through because it gets cold early. This video has some interesting ways to do things to shortin the outside grow. And some other interesting outdoor grow things.

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    • SOB....here is the fkn link....


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      • I would like to add to this comment

        "Finally a vid with the master Mr. Jodrey that's not years old. Even if you only understand 5% of what he says, you have gained a wealth of knowledge."

        Then put in some F'n closed captioning!!!! LOL. Even the auto generated stuff beats nothing. 

        It cracks me up that people on the phone move away from me and other people when its a private. I need a shirt that says "Deaf Lip Reader" then they have to figure out how far I can see. LOL

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        • Well all I can say is, it's 2021 this should not even be a problem. Closed captions should be as common as a wheelchair ramp.

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          • 1 in 20 Americans are deaf or hard of hearing. I have had severe tinnitus since I was 35, and some hearing loss but I can turn the sht up so I can hear it .To the annoyance of the wife.

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            • even with a hearing aid i still have a problem hearing but i do still hear some i a blessed !!

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