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DLI For Autos and Photoperiods

The claim is flowering cannabis plants need 40 DLI ( Daily Light Integral's) That seems to be the same for photoperiods and autoflowers and too much DLI can burn the plants, So, my question is should the PPFD be dialed down for Autoflowers or the time schedule be changed to 12/12 if you can get 40 DLI from your lights? 

Or is the DLI requirements a bunch of crap made up by the LED and Meter manufacturers? The last auto I grew were with photoperiods and the change in light schedule didn't seem to make any difference but they were getting 40+DLI.

Since a grower that decides on Autos over photoperiods has already made the wrong choice, I dont think they should have to pay a higher electric bill on top of that. LOL Just kidding I have a reputation to up hold

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