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im about to switch to flower :) (Question)

i have 4 plants which
are sitting at 300 ppfd and they arent stretching
much and im about to flip them to flower, for the
preflowerimg stage (first 3 weeks of flower) should i
keep the ppfd low for them to stretch? or give them
the ppfd needed? im scared that they wont stretch
if i give them the ppfd needed right now

added co2, at 900ppm 

should i pump it up to 600ppfd and see what happens? or wait for the 3 weeks to pass?

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      • I suggest you keep a log so next time you can look back on what worked and what didnt work as well as you wanted. 

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        • I dont know that anyone can give you an exact formula for your PPFD and C02 will change it. I suggest contacting your light manufacturer and see what they recommend dont for get to tell them you use C02, Most importantly make a log book and keep an eye on the plants. 

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