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Really good read

Hardly anyone includes autos but this did, surprised me.  I know I know tongue-out



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    • Thats funny I was just reading that last night, it is a good read and it sheds some light on the LED manufactures BS. 

      The question I cant find the answer to is how deep do the lights penetrate? So they put out 600 ppfd at X height from the top of the canopy, what it is at 12 Inches below the top? Seems like SCROG's and short SOG's  and LED's will go well together.  

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      • Thanks for the read R. To me led's can be judged by two things. Cost and bud production. The numbers are important, but they're all over the place when you compare # with final product. It's gettin clearer, but there's some questions still unanswered. I'm waitin for somebody to produce the "super LED" for a couple hundred bucks ! Not really.

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        • I love this light, it aint cheap but it has the best coverage I have seen. I sent a message asking about penetration so we shall see


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          • just judging from my last grow they are not going to pernitrate like an HID. Just aint no way. So I'm thinking down the lines of cpw and that is that scrog and such will work better under an LED. I just turned my grow to 12/12 and have it running @ 870 ppfd and 37 DLI. Only my second grow with this light. So............

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