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not at all soil is rather cheap.

    • Amen to that Vince.You definitely get what you pay for.I paid 135$ for 3  2.8 cu.ft.bags basically 75 lbs of promix hp

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      • i spend 19$ a bag to fill 7 of my 8 pots so once in while i need to buy two bags.

         i'd say soil roughly cost me 23$ a grow when i m producing up to 200gr per grow, so not a huge cost in comparaison to what it would cost to buy 200gr of weed. and this is also true when i have added the nutrients cost and electric bill.

        a grow cost me roughly 150$ all included for up to 200gr of weed, i'd say that's cheap.

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      • I've had good results using Kellogg brand soils from  Home Depot.  They market an outdoor potting mix and an indoor potting mix, the former a bit cheaper but containing manures, if you don't mind the occasional gnat. 

        Either way,  I mix it, according to package directions, with Kellogg Organic Plus Tomato Fertilizer. I dust that with dolemetic lime and mix that , two to one,  with perlite.

        I'm a small, under-the-radar grower for personal consumption  and while I could probably use it twice, I spread the used medium over outside stuff. There is enough left in the medium that the outside stuff likes it.

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