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Kratky versus DWC: A tale of Two Clones

This is why clones are so great! You can learn so much and test so many different things! So these plants vegged for about a week. Just enough to pop roots. I normally take a few clones and this time i wanted to try a Kratky Clone. I have another comparable DWC clone. They were both topped (FIMmed) around the same time. Both seem to be the same size and the roots are about the same as well. I havent done any maintenance to either reservoir since i started. No bucket change. No pH check. just an occasional check to make sure the res. isnt empty! I also have a few other clones going but the roots didnt pop out soon enough to compete 

PM Wash by NPK

More Tomatoes

going to be starting a classic heirloom beefsteak soon so i may dump this plant soon. its been fun! almost 6 months! My first tomato plant!! I learned alot!

Clonin Clonin Clonin

Taking 5 clones from Cali Orange using aloe vera and a clone dome. These clones are a bit small for my liking but im hoping my timing works out. I will try to grow one clone using the Kratky hydroponic method

California Orange Bud

This plant started on 7-1-21 but didnt get above the rockwool til 7-3 Still, its the healthiest of the 3 plants. 1 seed flat out didnt pop, and the other seedling had technical difficulties (operator error) FIMmed this last night and preparing it for my first SCRoG

Hydroponic tomatoes

San Marzano tomato was fun growing. I may grow one again soon. this one gave off several clones for friends and family


3 California Orange plants all at day 11. one will go under my new SCROG device. At this stage one is showing definite Sativa Dominant traits and the other two seem to be more Indica although it is a bit early in the game. Cali Orange is an aggressive growing hybrid that can lean either Sativa or Indica

Seedling surgery on California Orange Bud

i started these seeds 24 hours ago.  i use split rockwool plugs i can pop them open to check my progress. a few of the seeds taproots were coming up backwards or sideways. i was able to repair 4 out of 5. the fifth seed had barely cracked so i took it out and manually "helped" the seed. Hopefully i will get all 5 out of 5. I was pretty gentle handling the seed.


fitting my enclosure onto the lid and getting it ready for the test run. I just got seeds today. This will be my first SCROG. a bit too tall @ 8 inches above the lid. there are a few things i would change if i could. Im just hoping this holds together. I have little eyelet hooks on the bucket lid to lift up for bucket changes and top offs so the whole plant will stay with the net. 

Banana Kush 9 weeks flower

Banana Kush Mother and daughter from Dank seed at 9 weeks. These were heavy feeders and barely burnt the tips where the same feeding was to much for other plants. Used all RO water for this one too. will go a few more days longer, as the trichs are already cloudy on both. The buds and colas all had unusual foxtail shape 

Roots and Nutes

 Advanced Nutrients in DWC Hydroponics with decent results and little maintenance

Aloe Clones

These are Clones of GSC done using Aloe Vera for a rooting hormone