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Contest entry ~ Bubblicious

soaking one seed! I considered Northern Lights or California Orange Bud but ive grown it before

Hydroponic Heirloom Beefsteak

making a chicken salad and didnt want to go to HEB (its a Texas thing) so i picked a tomato a bit early. Frozen garlic toast for croutons

The Happy Frog

my friend came to visit me at the hydro store! prety sure its the same lil guy as the other night!!

Aurora Indica transplant

transplanting this little darlin to an 8 inch net pot. a little algae there. Mason jars are not ideal except for the 3 inch mouth. i can probably use aluminum foil to block the light. i might run all 4 plants using no air stones

Aeroponic veggies

Aeroponic/hydroponic veggies: Micro Tom hybrid cherry tomato, Mutton Pepper, Shishito peppers, Sweet Carnival Bell peppers

The Great Cali SCRoG

finally able to harvest this plant! my grand total dry weight came out to be:     11.8 ounces!

Kratky vs. Deep Water Culture

Side by side test using California Orange Bud clones. One in Krakty (passive hydroponics) and one with a pump and air stone. This test has been done by many gardners and the results are 

DWC and the Art of Marijuana Maintenance

Fresh bucket change GH calmag (1-0-0) 5ml, AN Connoisseur A&B 3ml, Big Bud 3ml, Bud Candy 3ml

Bubbles? We dont need no stinking bubbles! Kratky vs. DWC part 2

Day 29 of the Great Kratky Challenge! Both plants are doing well in flower. The DWC seems to be a bit taller and longer roots but the Kratky is not far behind. Makes me wonder what the hell an air pump really does in DWC! Next run i may do an all Kratky grow just for the fun of it. All i know is DWC plants will not  perish without an air pump. Its not a live or die situation like many people think. STILL have not changed my nutreints! Just topped off. Still have not checked pH. Next time i do a DWC run, I will wait about one month before i even turn my pumps on. Probably save more than a few bucks considering pumps run 24/7

Control and The Price of an Education

Cabbage looper comes from those little white moths you see on your front porch when you turn the lights on. they often find their way into houses as die (hopefully) after. You have to control the environment! Not my fault but my responsibility nonetheless

Kratky versus DWC: A tale of Two Clones

This is why clones are so great! You can learn so much and test so many different things! So these plants vegged for about a week. Just enough to pop roots. I normally take a few clones and this time i wanted to try a Kratky Clone. I have another comparable DWC clone. They were both topped (FIMmed) around the same time. Both seem to be the same size and the roots are about the same as well. I havent done any maintenance to either reservoir since i started. No bucket change. No pH check. just an occasional check to make sure the res. isnt empty! I also have a few other clones going but the roots didnt pop out soon enough to compete