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should i give them abit of nitrogen in week 5 flower?

Week 5 flowering outdoor, 

this seed is from my genetics ,its a cross between super lemon skunk las vegas x wedding cake x runtz . a week ago it was super super dark green and healty. and i started noticing the green leaves of all my plants are turning lighter and lighter and im abit far from harvest, i been giving them RO water ,Bat Guano and worm castings only.

last week i gave them their first advanced nutrients feed with all the nutrients for the desired week.

i never ph the water when it comes to outdoor i don't know why, i never had problems before.

should i test the run off? 

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    • Don't worry ! They look fine. PH can become a factor in containers OD. Lower l eaves will yellow for many reasons OD. Keep an eye on them and don't over do it with ferts or water !!!!! 

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