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tps nutrients. what I have used for 3 grows. I did use fishshit! and bubbled my tap water for 48 hours. I washed hydroton very well.

    • my guess is its the organic fish shit that is causing the change in pH.

      I think my fellow DWC growers would agree...

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      • also tap water varies from city to city. i prefer distilled because it pH's easier. its just more stablewith tap water you dont know what the fook you got

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        • true that! My brain was leaning to the fishshit. Easy fix next change out. Just from my experiences I have not noticed a sizeable or tasteable difference from when I use the stuff and when I don't. You know a penny saved is a penny earned. Literally...these days. I will try the distilled water and see how that does as well. Thanks again 

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