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Yep, your in the right place, there are some seriously cleaver growers on here. Hang out for a while and I promise you will find somethings that make you go Damn why didnt I think of that. One grower on here has a short tent, so they cut a hole in the bottom of it and set it on top of the DWC bucket. Thats damn clever, I thought long and hard on ways to keep my plants short, but I never thought about the wasted space the pot takes up. Another one on here a few years ago built an above ground plant bed and put a lid on it to block the sun and start flower early, I may do that next year.  A lot of very clever people on here pushing it all to the limits and beyond.

    • That was me with the OD light dep bed ! It wasn't an above ground bed ,as much as it was just plants in pots, placed in a light dep grow box  (4x8). Remember the one I built out of straw bales ? If you have privacy it's a great way to grow, an early crop. Veggum  for a 3-4 weeks at 18/6, check your daylight photoperiod, and move OD a few days before 12/12, it's around March 15th in Missouri. The biggest hassle, is having to pull the light dep tarp on EVERY NIGHT ! After it got dark, I always pulled it back off, that way it was off in the AM. Cold weather can also be a prob . Later

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      • I thought it was you but I wasnt sure. Damn clever and I can see myself doing something like that in the future. I remember the hay too, reminded me of a duck blind for weed., lol. I really got the bug for outside growing this year so I will be experimenting. 

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      • Beaver Cleaver

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