Comment to 'Autoflowers'
Comment to Autoflowers
  • I'm growing my first auto flower now. Week 5, short and bushy.  Not really sure what I'm doing but apparently autos are the way to grow indoors. 

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    • I am the same way. I remember man this thing is starting to preflower and the plant isn't big enough in my opinion. Then around week 7 she took off growing and flowering. I lst so there for a while I was tying her down on a bidaily rate.  These damn things are Aliens lmao.It just amazed me by actually seeing the development . Shoot I am doing another after this one. Probably OG Kush by Nirvana. I made a lot of mistakes nutrient wise. I switched nutes and the mfg. is helping me with the remainder of this grow and the next grow to get all I can get out of their product. 

      Good luck and Happy Happy Happy Growing my friend! 

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