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My Super Soil

My Super Soil is 50 litres of garden soil(which includes finely screened triple mix,that was heavy with sand,garden soil for trace elements,organic compost,sheep manure,ground mussel shells,worms worms worms and worms) to this i add my ammendmendments.  For mixing i use a giant garden soil bag.  Stuff i added to 50 litres.  20 litres pro mix pot soil, 20 litres triple mix, 8 litres perlite, 7 litres vermiculitea and 20 litres coco coir.  Next i added the good stuff.  2 pounds of rock dust and meals, including glacial rock, lime, calcium,alfalfa etc, 3 pounds worm castins, 1 cup blood meal,half cup bone meal, two cups hen manure and 2 cups shredded mj leaf.  I wet the whole deal with about 7 litres of rainwater.  The water has been dosed with both aloe vera and mollasses. Final result is 126 litres of super soil.  Enough for about 20 2 gal pots or equivalent.  The soil needs to sit for at least one month plus to cook.  A nice sunny locationis ideal.  Check every so often and turn soil.  Add more worms if and when you have them.  As the soil cooks all kinds of groovy stuff happens micro goodies grow and the soil becomes alive, just waiting to feed your plants.  All you need to do is water your plants, much like outdoors grows.  Its a lot of work and few bucks to set up but i have seen the results I still need to add some epsom salts, half a cup.  I also think i need a bit more perlite.  We will see as it cooks.  If it becomes more dense i will add perlite or coco.  If your interested in Super Soil check out the net.  Lots of info.  Happy Growing.  Please do not eat this recipe!  PeaceTSB

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