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by sreveo about October 17 - report

Hey guys .... I usually grow in 5 gallon bubble buckets but for the first time , I'm trying something I've never done before. I made a DWC setup in a 20 gallon tote . The actual res. capasity is 10 gallons. Thats a Super Skunk clone that rooted well. OK.... I use Hydroguard faithfully but I'm having issues with ..... water tempretures . Listen guy's , I can't afford a chiller . When I used the 5 gal. buckets, all I did was place the bucket in a new plastic oil pan and fill it with ice and it kept the res. cool.  So far I've been putting ice bottles in the res. and they don't touch the tap roots ... yet...So any suggestions ? My temps have been between 68 - 74 degrees . Has anyone ever put ice directly into your nutrient res ? Should I build a seperate resivoir . Yuo know , recirculating ? 

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  • 6.421

    justme 6.421 points - October 17

    Why is it hotter? Did you change the grow space, light, or is it the bigger surface of the container causing it to heat up more?
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    • justme
      6.421 points -
      October 17

      Might could paint the container white to reflect the light more.

    • sreveo
      166 points -
      October 18

      Its basically staying at room temp. and thats too warm

    • king
      8.187 points -
      October 18

      that large lid is adding a lot of heat 2 your water more area 2 heat up under light = more area = more heat from light ............

  • 3.644

    RbtAsq 3.644 points - October 18

    If you add a res and make it RDWC, you add the heat from a water pump.

    Adding ice is gonna dilute your nutes, unless you make nute solution ice cubes. There's an idea.

    I always used frozen water bottles, hung with a wire from the side.

    • Score: 0
    • sreveo
      166 points -
      October 18

      Great idea ... Thanks

  • 8.187

    king 8.187 points - October 18

    i put some food grade insulation around my bucket that helped ......

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  • 1.489

    Lexstar 1.489 points - October 18

    if you are doing DWC you don't have to worry about temperature. RDWC is where you have to worry. If your res. is the same bucket you are growing in, thats RDWC. You stated DWC.
    • Score: 0
    • RbtAsq
      3.644 points -
      October 18

      That's a drip irrigation setup. Growing in soil or coco, is my guess?

    • SubterraneanHomesickBooze
      9.135 points -
      October 18

      drip feed hydroponics?

    • DancesWithShreves
      37 points -
      October 18

      I strive to keep my tanks at 20 deg C (and a firm believer in HydroGuard). How are your pH levels? An ongoing upward shift in pH may be indicative of munge with the roots/nutes, particularly when one should be chasing pH drop towards the acidic when enter...  more

    • Lexstar
      1.489 points -
      October 18

      Yes sir, coco.

  • 3.931

    TokeaJ 3.931 points - October 18

    Frozen water bottles or gallon jug. You can also treat with cooler water. Hot water heater insulation might help as well. The benefit of rdwc is that you can keep the reservoir outside the tent.
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  • 9.135

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 9.135 points - October 18

    i can only tell you my experience with DWC. i dont use hydroguard anymore but i do use a few additives for the roots. Advanced Nutrients Piranha and VooDoo Juice. I havent used Hydroguard in my last few grows. life without Hydroguard does exist.

    the thing is with water temps on my buckets... i cant change the temps anyway so theres no point in checking. I just keep my room temps low. My buckets are all at room temperature. any time i have my lights on, my AC is on. 77 degrees with my thermometer reading at the center bucket lid

    hopefully this helps. if not, id love to hear more about what problems you are having. lets talk

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  • 642

    gbauto 642 points - October 18

    I grew RDWC for 3 years without a chiller with rez temps in the mid 70's using hydroguard first and then switched to Southern Ag Garden Friendly fungicide.  I never ran into a pythium issue, so it can be done-you either need to run beneficial microbes to outcompete any pythium that shows up OR run a sterile system with pool shock.

    I added a 1/4hp chiller a couple of years ago to the system, so I added bubble insulation to the outside of the totes and also painted the lid white.

    • Score: 0
  • 20.038

    harley24 20.038 points - October 18

    A lighter colored container would be nice as long as light cannot get in. You can freeze bottles of water and just place them inside the tote to cool your mix down to where you need it. It may take more than one frozen bottle, but you have enough room to add as many as you may need. The next best thing is to save your money and invest in a chiller. Believe me, i know they are not cheap. This is the exact reason i do not grow in DWC, the temps. Best of luck to you.  Peace

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  • 2.542

    Hulk 2.542 points - Mon at 2:43 AM

    Hey Srevoe I have always wanted to run a rdwc but I cannot commit the time right now. Temps always seem to be an issue, I just had a thought but what if someone converted a cooler like you take to the beach you would have to put a couple of holes in it small as possible then the rest would be insulated and maybe stay cooler longer. I also did not see an air pump but I'm sure you have it covered if your air pump is on the floor I would put it above the res tank because I have read if the power goes out the air pump will actually suck water in because it works on pressure so if its higher then the tank it won't take out your pump. Hope you get the temps where you need them without it being too much of a pain.
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