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Hermaphrodite Offspring

by DancesWithShreves about October 16 - report

Hindu Kush, feminized seeds.

About 3 weeks into an amazing bloom, one plant of three went hermaphrodite. Been plucking the pollen sacks daily, but some seeds are forming. The plant was just too beautiful to kill off when I first noticed the change. Indoor growth, 600W MH & HPS, hydroponics/DWC, been doing so since 2016 and first encounter with a feminized plant going hermaphrodite.

Is there any statistical data on what the resultant offspring of these seeds may be? Seems to be a topic previously answered without much consensus.

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  • 3.644

    RbtAsq 3.644 points - October 16

    Was it full blown hermie, or just nanners?

    If it was hermie, I wouldn't trust the seeds. The hermie may be a genetic trait.

    More often than not, nanners are stress related, and usually produce female seeds. Usually.

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    • DancesWithShreves
      37 points -
      October 16

      By nanners, do you mean small banana like pollen sacks? If so, that is correct, and not that many of them formed. Restricted to base of buds close up to branching points, rather than with the buds themselves. Light stress may indeed have been a factor, pH...  more

    • RbtAsq
      3.644 points -
      October 16

      Then your seeds should be females.
      Keep a close eye on them to see if they pop nanners too.

  • 13.514

    SanBoisLee 13.514 points - October 16

    Agree with Rbt, should be a bonus. Usually not many seeds. And if the other two catch a seed or two I'd definitely save them.
    • Score: 0
  • 6.421

    justme 6.421 points - October 16

    All female seeds! You won't know until you grow them out and see what happens! Happy growing my friend!!

    • Score: 0
  • 20.038

    harley24 20.038 points - October 18

    The seeds should be female, but that is not guaranteed, some could be male or hermie. But your chances of the seeds being female is better than the other choices. I wish you the best.  Peace

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