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by Jesse420 about Wed at 4:09 PM - report

My grow space area is 8 square meters, im about to run 1 600w hps, gull wing reflector. I have no inline fans bcos nobody ships to my place (i know, it's sad). I only have 2 exhaust fans the kind u see on bathrooms. But i have a 1hp window type a/c to my grow space, and some necessary oscillating fans. That is my setup. I hope it works, but what are ur thoughts about this?
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  • 2.145

    chubby441 2.145 points - Wed at 4:58 PM

    If you have some kind of intake for your air flow you should be good to go . one 600 w hps will only effectively cover about 1.5 sq meters, 2 sq meters tops ! For us non metric dudes you have over 80 sq. ft. of space. You could run four 600 w hps . Figure it out bruh . Happy growin

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    • Jesse420
      395 points -
      Wed at 5:37 PM

      Ok bro. I just couldn’t put a wall in my space, and this is just a preparation for more grow lights. In fact, i only use half of my area for now.

    • TokeaJ
      3.834 points -
      Wed at 9:44 PM

      Purchase some panda film to separate rooms.

    • justme
      6.246 points -
      Thu at 6:20 PM

      Good idea TokeaJ but I bet if he could purchase panda film they could get fans also.

  • 3.484

    RbtAsq 3.484 points - Wed at 5:02 PM

    Doesn't sound like enough light, for that big an area.

    One 600 watt HPS will cover a 5x5 FOOT area.

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    • Jesse420
      395 points -
      Wed at 5:32 PM

      Im only doing a portion of my space. Im not filling everything out with only a 600w..

  • 13.424

    SanBoisLee 13.424 points - Wed at 6:53 PM

    Yeah, you have like an 8 x 10 ft room but only using a small portion of it. That's not bad, it may actually help you keep the heat down. Imo, that is your biggest challenge. You might check your temp along the ceiling above your light. Think about installing one of those bathrooms fans up there. Good luck!
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  • 667

    Dizzajay 667 points - Wed at 7:24 PM

    Please do show us when you an outdoor guy.but I like to gain knowledge about indoor growing aswell.who knows I might give it a try one sister bought me an led 1000w light few years back.its still in the box.hahaha. outdoor the sun is free.....
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  • 19.976

    harley24 19.976 points - Wed at 9:20 PM

    You have about 86 square feet going on, so if you plan on using the entire area you will need a lot more light. If you only plan on using part of the area you can use the other area to help with temps. You will need to have a plan for the humidity as well. If this is a private area with no air and heat you will need to use the air conditioner you mentioned and also have a heat source if you are in a area that gets cold. I have no idea where you are located. It's good to have a dehumidifier/humidifier and oscillating fans for good air circulation. Temperatures are very important along with the humidity. It is always good to plan ahead and get what you may need ahead of time so you don't have to fix an issue while it is happening, but before it happens. I wish you the best, and i look forward to your next update.  Peace

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    • Jesse420
      395 points -
      Thu at 1:32 PM

      Is it better to divide my area for now? Im concerned about efficiency. I dont want the light to disperse to a blank area. No one could use it. So putting up a wall??? Maybe?

  • 7.905

    king 7.905 points - Thu at 1:24 PM

    is that a/c going to b enough to cool that size with a 600 hps  ......  the light will heat up hot adjust ......

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    • Jesse420
      395 points -
      Thu at 1:30 PM

      I have done some research and a 1hp a/c will cool my space just fine. Given the heat load of a 600w gull wing hps too

  • 6.246

    justme 6.246 points - Thu at 6:19 PM

    It will work fine if you will put your light close to the ac. That is a lot of space for the light to have to heat up. That is a nice sized space. That 1 light will not cover it all. The light will only flower at the most a 5x5. It's footprint is in flower is actually a 4x4. It will veg a 7x7 at the most also when hung high. Don't expect to fill your whole space with plants. Only 4-6 nice sized photoperiod or maybe a dozen autoflowering plants. Have fun and happy growing my friend!

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  • 7.845

    caiman 7.845 points - Thu at 7:38 PM

    I would not worry about the reflection of the light from the walls because that is minimal and will add hardly anything to your plant. I would suggest you just put the 600 W over one or two plants and go for it.

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