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What Happened To It? Do you like Psychedelic Strains? Also, I Grew This!

by Dope about Tue at 9:56 PM - report

Does anybody remember Full Moon? I haven't seen it in a while but, man, I loved it. Did you?

Nirvana, the breeder/seller, has grown in recent years and added a lot of new strains to their roster. Big props to them btw! Anyway, they've got it setup nice where you can search strains based on several different things, "effect" being one of them. Effect has seven different choices to chose from: energetic, euphoric, happy, relaxed, sleepy, talkative, uplifted. These are great choices and all, great, but several of those choices could be combined and there seems to be missing at least one choice, psychedelic. Why no psychedelic love Nirvana?

Do you like psychedelic weed? I'm talking weed that'll have you playing the PS1 on a tube tv, but have you thinking you're playing a PS5 on a 3D TV with holographic display featuring tacticle support and real character feedback. But it's 1992, and all you have is a Super Nintendo.

Also, look at my current Blue Dream grow! I wish I had some earlier pictures but I don't.
Outdoor/Greenhouse grow. Plants are taller than me. I topped em once during veg and I've been folding the coolas because I dont want to top em again. Overfed em once or twice but they're pretty healthy, more or less. Some are further along than others but they've got a couple of weeks left. One is getting chopped tomorow.

Then a new battle begins. Curing can turn good/great weed to great/fantastic weed or if done improperly good weed to shit weed. Cure your weed people. Cure your weed. Do you cure? If so, for how long? If not... Do you even li... I mean why the hell not?

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  • 149

    TonyWeed 149 points - Tue at 10:48 PM

    Blue dream are so big they are huge thats fansastic how tall they are???

    nice grow either

    • Score: 0
    • Dope
      12 points -
      Tue at 11:06 PM

      They're at least 7 and a half feet tall.

  • 667

    Dizzajay 667 points - Tue at 10:52 PM

    Bro those are some long ass plants.i can't grow plants like that here.the wind will snap them in half.looks like you going to have a nice big stash when you done. looks like your colas are hitting the top.maybe should have topped them plants a few more times.they look like sativa plants like landrace sativa .which isn't a bad thing.i just like them short buff plants if you know what I mean.anyways good job on growing your own stash....keep us updated.from the pic of the bud you posted I would say you still have quiet a long way to go.they going to get heavy and fat.cantvwait to see them when they ready for harvest.keep up the good work
    • Score: 0
    • Dope
      12 points -
      Tue at 11:18 PM

      If it's super windy the stalks will grow a lot thicker and the plant might grow a bit shorter. I only had 1 weak ass fan and I was trying to spread as much air movement around as I could, futilely, so the stalks are nowhere near as thick as they would be ...  more

    • Dizzajay
      667 points -
      Tue at 11:37 PM

      I hear you brother.breaking the stem, seen it done before. It creates a knob like also happens when wind snaps a branch and u just leave it.different ways to do things.aslong as it don't touch the top it's all good .

  • 9.327

    ChAs420 9.327 points - Tue at 10:57 PM

    nice lookin plants/setup there..dont chop em to soon let em bulk up long as u can..GL

    • Score: 0
    • Dope
      12 points -
      Tue at 11:19 PM

      True. Only giving one the ax. Not sure why but even though all were planted and transplanted at the same time, they've grown at vastly different rates

    • ChAs420
      9.327 points -
      Wed at 11:45 AM

      yeah lotta timez plants grow differently even with same strains and some drink an feed more than others sometimez..even from same seed pack

  • 6.246

    justme 6.246 points - Tue at 11:50 PM

    Very nice! I love the phycoactive strains myself but they have about faded out. I think if you would top and pull those limbs out you could make your plants a lot bushier and utilize your space better but if you are happy I definatly am! Are you checking the trics on the calyxes with at least a 50x magnification device to determine when to harvest by their color? I know that bud in your pictures has a long time to go before it is mature (like maybe half way through flower)! They stack on the most weight in the last couple weeks and the potency increases a lot when the trics are mature so you don't want to harvest too early. I would advise you to make sure you let them go as long as you can according to the colors of the trics. I like to start a 2 week flush when I have all cloudy trics. By the time the 2 week flush is over I will have maybe 5% amber trics but a lot more size in the buds. Nice grow space! Having fun and enjoying your finished product is the main thing! Thanks for the share!! Good luck and happy growing my friend!!

    • Score: 0
    • Dope
      12 points -
      Tue at 11:51 PM

      Yeah I'm checking em with a pocket microscope. It's not the best but it gets the job done. I have one plant where the the trics are all cloudy and some have started turning amber. It's more or less about that time for her. I also did an all natural grow s...  more

  • 6.004

    Texasbob 6.004 points - Wed at 12:19 AM

    Really nice trees you got there! I hope one day I can grow outdoors! Nice job and welcome back to the portal!
    • Score: 0
  • 13.424

    SanBoisLee 13.424 points - Wed at 4:50 AM

    I've used supercropping outdoors at that stage, works good. Well you know now fewer plants with toppings would have been better. Still you got a nice harvest coming. Psychedelic...your best bet would be try and find someone zsweet inzanity by ethos genetics.
    • Score: 0
    • Dizzajay
      667 points -
      Wed at 9:13 AM

      Or you could try and get some landrace Durban poison.thats the boss.girl scout cookies is a cross of Durban poison if I'm not mistake.but like I said some landrace pure seeds.

    • SanBoisLee
      13.424 points -
      Wed at 6:59 PM

      True that...or straight jack herer. Yes, GSC is Durban and ogk but you got so many cuts of og it would be hard to reproduce.

    • SubterraneanHomesickBooze
      8.861 points -
      Wed at 7:07 PM

      i always listen when someone is suggesting strains. I dig a heavy psychedelic high as well. zsweet inzanity is discontinued BTW

  • 8.861

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 8.861 points - Wed at 7:15 PM

    Welcome to the portal! I grew a few LSD plants from ILGM but i was not impressed. as for curing i use mason jars and initially start by burping them at least twice a day (5 mins). i will do this for maybe two weeks testing samples from each jar. after maybe 2 weeks i will add Boveda 30 gram packs 62%. at this time i will burp once per day (5 mins)

    what an amzing greenhouse! how long do you have to veg to get something that tall? also do you use any supplements for the stems like silica?

    Thanks! welcome aboaard

    • Score: 0
  • 19.976

    harley24 19.976 points - Wed at 9:08 PM

    First it's hard to find phsyco. strains anymore. Second i really didn't care for them that much anyway. Third i was lying about not caring for them anyway, lol. I do like the strains Nirvana has to offer,  and they do keep adding good strains imo. The plants you have in the pictures are sure tall and lanky. The branches are so thin, and it's a good thing you have them covered or the wind would probably break them into. I just can't get over how much space is between the top of the container and the first buds. Seems like a lot of wasted space on those branches, but sometimes you have to take what you get. You should get some good smoke for your efforts imo. I hope you find what you are searching for with the phsyco goods.  Peace

    • Score: 0
  • 7.905

    king 7.905 points - Thu at 1:51 PM

    nice garden u have o great one ......................  have u ever thougt about keep em short i got a nose bleed from looking so high up ........  happy happy  

    • Score: 0
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