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Mainline harvest # 14 Last one guy’s

by George03 about Tue at 4:00 AM - report

Hey guy's, Here is my last plant. Jock horror just before I cut her down.

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  • 2.145

    chubby441 2.145 points - Tue at 12:32 PM

    She's a bush ! It's all been said already bruh !! Happy harvest

    • Score: 0
    • George03
      2.527 points -
      Tue at 3:07 PM

      Your right lol. Thanks dude.

  • 6.004

    Texasbob 6.004 points - Tue at 7:19 PM

    At this point I am about out of Congratulatory words so all I can say is you definitely rocked your grows this season and you have the goodies to show for it! I guess it is time to start planting some seeds?
    • Score: 0
    • George03
      2.527 points -
      Tue at 11:16 PM

      Thanks Texasbob, Soon once I get these in jars and clean the shit out of the grow space.

    • Texasbob
      6.004 points -
      Wed at 12:11 AM

      You should get one of those bowl trimmers if you haven't already.

  • 8.861

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 8.861 points - Tue at 9:06 PM

    so are you just smoking blunts these days??

    • Score: 0
    • George03
      2.527 points -
      Tue at 11:20 PM

      lol, I have never even tried a blunt. I can usually only smoke half a joint at one time with this killer weed.

  • 19.976

    harley24 19.976 points - Tue at 9:11 PM

    Wow, another nice plant. It will be difficult not seeing a different plant from you each day, but i think i will be okay, lol. You had some really nice plants, and this shows you how mainlining can be a good method to use. Mainlining can also make your plants kind of compact so you can actually get more plants in a grow space. I used the tomato cages on mine which also keeps them pretty close to the perimeter of the container. In other words you don't have branches growing way out and into other plants. Overall you did a fine job with this grow, and i know you are anxious to get started on your next grow.  It sounds like you have some more good strains coming up in your next grow, and i look forward to your first update.  Peace

    • Score: 0
    • George03
      2.527 points -
      Tue at 11:24 PM

      Thanks harley24, it sure was pretty compact and I only had to use stakes on the northern light plants. All the other plants didn’t need it at all. Yea it will be hard for me to top the results of this grow for sure.

  • 6.246

    justme 6.246 points - Tue at 11:36 PM

    Another beauty!! You should have a great winter stash! I know you are glad to be through with the harvesting my friend! Enjoy the fruits of your labor!!

    • Score: 0
    • George03
      2.527 points -
      Tue at 11:40 PM

      Thanks justme, Your right it’s a lot of weed. Half of it is in the drying stage the other half in jars, Cvault, Containers and bags.

    • justme
      6.246 points -
      Tue at 11:51 PM

      Nice! Enjoy my friend!!

  • 9.327

    ChAs420 9.327 points - Wed at 1:30 AM

    well done great this time so u shud stay high a few days at a couple weeks off as u clean up ur grow area an choose next strainz.. and relax a lil while...enjoy

    • Score: 0
    • George03
      2.527 points -
      Wed at 2:03 AM

      Thanks ChAs420, I’m just taking it slow and easy man.

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