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leaf tips are yellow

by hpst about Mon at 9:03 PM - report

 My plants are growing well. Using organic soil. I'm being very careful with the watering. I've grown AK-48 before & it is very easy to overwater. I think it would thrive in the desert. My room humidy is 70% & temperature is 75 deg. F. I'm using compact flourescent 20 hrs. on, 4 hrs. off. The yellow leaf tips happened over the last two days. I don't have any leaf curling or yellowing. My lights were only 6 inches above plants & I just raised them to 16 inches above plants. Please check out this pic & let me know what you think. 

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  • 19.976

    harley24 19.976 points - Mon at 9:33 PM

    Imo you have the start of nutrient burn. When growing in soil it usually takes two weeks for an issue to show up and two weeks to get rid of it. This issue is not bad at all, and i usually get this with all my grows because i tend to push the nutrients on them in the middle of flower. You really don't need to flush, just back off on the amount of nutrients you are using if you want to clear this up. I usually just ride it out because the rest of the plant looks very healthy and it seems like they love what you are giving them. Not really a big issue. Best of luck to you.  Peace

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  • 6.246

    justme 6.246 points - Mon at 11:42 PM

    I agree completely with harley24. You are at least 2 weeks behind on a problem in soil before it shows up on the plants upper growth. Did this show up before or after you raised the light? I would just do a water only watering next watering Phed at 6.5 and then start feeding the next watering again with a small reduction to the amount of nutrients that you have been using. Might want to feed-water-feed-water-fed if it continues. Some people even feed-water-water-feed. I personally like to feed every watering at smaller levels amount instead of a big heavy feeding. You said you are using organic soil. Are you also using bottled nutrients? If so, I would add 2.5ml per gallon of calmag along with that water only watering. The plant looks great to me to be honest with you! Have fun and please keep us updated as the plant progresses! Happy growing my friend!!

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  • 2.527

    George03 2.527 points - Tue at 1:07 AM

    You have your answer above. It's only a little nute burn. I have it on all of my plants lol. As long as it looks nice and healthy like you have I wouldn't worry about it. Happy growing my friend.

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  • 9.327

    ChAs420 9.327 points - Tue at 1:29 AM

    good answers here..i push my plants a lot an they all have the lil yellow on tips..your are fine ..just be careful now not to over doit..GL

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  • 2.145

    chubby441 2.145 points - Tue at 1:40 AM

    You're OK. Good advice from WP homies too. You can overdo it with organics, be careful . Happy growin. 

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  • 8.861

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 8.861 points - Tue at 1:41 AM

    CFL lights 6 inches away? sounds okay and 20/4 works! just back off your nute strength a bit like everyone said. are you using full strength nutrients?  you can easily get away with half strength nutes and come out smelling like a rose

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  • 7.905

    king 7.905 points - Tue at 1:46 AM

    i push my garden a little hard most of the time ........  your garden looks very dark green if any thing i would back off the N a little .....  but to tell the truth i have mine a dark green in veg 2 very good answer above .....  do u add any thing 2 help loosen the soil so the roots can breath better ??????????  happy happy

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