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Kelp Humid Acid

by WHIPLASH about Mon at 6:44 PM - report

Howdy WP peeps looking for a time line when and how much to use on Kelp and Humic Acid. Or is it worth Adding thanks in advance.For indoor growPhoto plantsSuper SoilFox Farm base Nuts600 watts LEDS
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  • 19.976

    harley24 19.976 points - Mon at 9:29 PM

    I would like to help you, but i don't use these items. I think you may be doing the right thing by following the directions on the container. I think Caiman uses these items, so maybe he will chime in and tell you how he uses them. Best of luck to you.  Peace

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  • 6.246

    justme 6.246 points - Mon at 11:58 PM

    I only use them when I water with Recharge. The Recharge is full of mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria, powdered molasses (food for the microbes), humic acids, and kelp. It is an awesome product! I don't use these as stand alone products but in my opinion if you are using them you should use the kelp for root development early. The humic acid should be used after the plant is established and has plenty of green above the medium. I will be following this question out of curiosity. Have fun and happy growing my friend!! 

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  • 2.145

    chubby441 2.145 points - Tue at 1:35 AM

    What up Whip, Kelp is loaded with micros, amino acids, and some K too. Like JM said, it's awesome stuff, especially for root development.  If you have a dry kelp, mix it in your substrate before planting. I've been using kelp and humic acid to grow in golf greens for many years ! Throw some Recharge or Great White mycos in and you've got a winner ! Happy growin

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      527 points -
      Tue at 2:56 AM

      Thanks chubby, thinking on adding some recharge to the line up.
      Got a new indoors locating, going to try some collide silver pollen making as well.

      I'll get a pic or two now and then along the grow.

  • 8.861

    SubterraneanHomesickBooze 8.861 points - Tue at 4:47 AM

    The brand of Cal Mag i use has kelp and amino acids included. Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal Mag

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  • 7.845

    caiman 7.845 points - Tue at 8:06 PM

    Are use humic acid and kelp together. Along time ago I read some articles about a university back east running a 10 year study were saying using them together was beneficial then using them alone. The ratio was to the one with you make acid twice as much as Kalōpā. 

    For a timeline start with fox Farm   feeding schedule which shows count make help you been do use from week three to 12.  you don't need much kelp of are usually use an 8th teaspoon of you make acid to a 16th teaspoon of kelp.  1/8 ro 1/16 tsp

    You can also use kelp and vitamin B one during time of stress. 

    You can use kelp before week three but I find phosphorus more helpful for root growth at that time/

    I like having all my nutrients and things such as the weak acid an individual form so I could mix my own solutions.

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